Make Your Browsing Safer

We hear a lot about hacking and network security and user account compromise these days. Especially while using social networking website, lots of malicious links are shared. Single click downloads the malware and in turn sent the same link to your friends. These links exploit the curiosity of the user and some times posts inappropriate pictures and content on your wall. Apart from the basic anti-virus protection , couple of add-on's offer better protection while browsing the web.
# Find an anti-virus with link scanning feature ( Norton , AVG)
# Use browsers like Mozilla , Opera or Google Chrome (+1).

I would suggest Google Chrome and Firefox because it has very useful extensions.
If using Google Chrome install extensions

#Adblock Plus ( it blocks all the ad's, even Google ad's if you prefer so.

# WOT ( scans all the links and color coded circles next to the links tells you if it is a trusted link.

Trust me you will know the difference .
Did you know: You can upload content up to 1GB to Google docs , you can work with you Word , Spread sheets and Power Point presentations within the browser.
Dont forget to check out Microsoft Office 365 if u have a windows live or hotmail account , make use of skydrive and Microsoft Office features within your browser (+1)

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  1. The addons that you mentioned were first created for Firefox. Checkout and

    Since you mentioned Google Docs, I would like to point out the fact that, in google docs, you can upload any file which are not necessarily docs, ppts etc. For example zips, movies etc.


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