Windows 8 Developer Version English ( OS Download) 

Hi Guys ,

Windows 8 will hit the market soon. I am excited , would definitely go for a windows 8 tablet as soon as it is out. It looks and feels pretty good. If you wish to try it out , follow the links below. Make sure you install Win8 on a different partition or get Virtual Box (free) or VMware (  Cheers !!!!!

Disk Partition in Vista or Win 7

# Open start menu
# Right click Computer
# Select Manage (Opens computer management window)
# Select Disk Management
# Right Click the drive you wanna divide
# Select shrink Volume ( A window pops up showing the amount of available space)
# Enter the size you wanna extract ( Min 10GB -> 10240 MB)
# Once the shrink is done the disk management shows a new a new box ( 10GB unallocated space)
# Right click it and select New Simple volume
# Follow the prompts by the wizard
# Name it and Quick format it as you go.

Burn Win 8 to the disk and have fun
Windows 8 Download Link 

I would suggest Developer Preview (32 bit or 64 bit without developer tools)

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