Users of Internet Explore (IE 6) have a lower level of IQ. (This story has been determined to be a hoax.)

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According to a recent study, users of Internet Explore (IE 6) have a lower level of IQ than users of other browsers such as Firefox, Chromer and Safari. The study was carried out by AptiQuant, a Canadian Company, under the title “Intelligent Quotient and Browser Usage” . Compiled IQ test scores of 101,326 individuals older than 16 and divided them into groups according to the browser they use.The results are fascinating. Users of Internet Explorer 6 have an average IQ score barely more than 80; Firefox and Chrome users fare much better, with average IQ scores of about 110, while Opera and Camino users have an average IQ score more than 120.

After all it doesn't say all IE users are dumb it is just IE6 users, if you have switched to IE9 or 8, i would say your just as smart as others. IE6 is an old browser released with Windows 95 and was most used used browser during 2002 and 2003.( I am a big fan of IE when it comes to flash videos that you need to mount on a virtual drive and have to run on browsers and even for running some codes with windows. Guess it makes sense to the ones who know what i am talking about.

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I would suggest switching on to Google chrome atleast for add on's and angry birds. Can check out others, they have a similar look an feel as Chrome , Leave comment or suggestion if you would like me to add anything else and if i am wrong.

Camino Browser
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome

And a bit of taste for INDIA powered by Mozilla.
Epic Browser

Using a Particular Browser wont make you smarter. But looking at the choice you have made already will tell you how smart you are.

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  1. The case may be true but the news is fake.​technology-14370878

  2. Yea you are right shree. But if someone out there is using IE6 still , they need to wake up. Being unsecured is like putting you and everyone related to you at risk. I haven't taken off this post because some one might wanna consider any of those browsers. News is fake and as soon as i realized i have put a " This story has been determined to be a hoax " title.


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