The Bad Guys

                                           STAR WARS PEOPLE ARE THE BAD GUYS.

                         To all the awesome people out there. I have not created anything interesting or useful in ages. But, today is different. I am stone drunk ( just means i am drunk and am like a stone, typing. A stone with arms & fingers ). I came across something interesting . This is all about spagetification. Okay, it is what happens when u enter a black hole. The gravitational pull is different on different parts of ur body and you just get pulled stronger on ur legs than your head if u were to fall in to a black hole. You know u will be okay if can get urself an infinite spin. I dont care if Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein didn't agree with me , because i know what i am talking about.Did you know , when you are at the 'Event-horizon' you can see the back of your head.

             I met some one yesterday who didn't believe in god. He was an atheist not an agnostic. He told me his belief is based on facts ,it is evidence based. He thinks he is smart and knows every thing. All the others who believe in god ( a consciousness that exist in the universe)  are dumb . He seems so proud not to believe in god . I asked him to tell me how long he would take to write all the alphabets in order by hitting the keys in a keyboard at random . Chance of a monkey typing the word BANANA is 1 in 15 billion with a fifty letter keyboard (taking the fastest 216-WPM, you run the math). Let alone creation of life with complex genetic code in 4.6 billion years. He thinks he came up with answers for everything happening in the world based on evidence provided by his 5 senses in 4 dimensions. However he will never understand what Pauli exclusion principle or Schrodinger's cat is , will he?. All he has to understand is religion is like an operating system to communicate with the CPU (god)  and it just doesnt matter if its iOS or Android or Macintosh or windows ( I mean different religions). All you have to do is communicate with the power that drives the universe (CPU).
           Well he should probably read about fibonacci series, random monkey theorem which will probably help. Would you deny Shakespeare's genius by just saying all his works would have come to existence without him. It is easy to say it could happened at random in infinite time. But you need someone to guide this randomness for a meaningful creation. If you dont agree all you have to do is explain to me is about the edge of the universe. What marks the end to this space . How can we imagine about the end point of this universe. Is it like a wall or is it something else. Our intelligence falls short of imagination. There is the limitation.

 Dont forget to watch KONY 2012 ( youtube. (lets get that asshole.)

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